Recipe Review: Chrissy Teigen’s Cheesy Jalapeño Tuna Casserole


I’m feeling so much better about my whole dress fiasco now, but I’ve got to admit that going home and cooking helped me get through it. There’s something cathartic about following simple instructions laid out before you.

Since moving, the apartment is short on ingredients so first I had to go shopping, and I really wasn’t in the mood for it. I sucked it up, went home, dug around for my cookbooks, found the recipe I was looking for, and headed out to brave the grocery store.

One of my favorite parts about this recipe is that I got to use my own jalapeños, and I knew Eric would be excited about it too. See, I love gardening and growing things so Eric and I decided we would plant our own vegetables this year, but since I have a knack for killing all things green, Eric does most of the actual care. I am so lucky to have him!


Chrissy’s recipe is pretty simple. You grease a pan, you cook the noodles, you mix all of the cheese, tuna, peas, and seasoning together. You add the noodles. (For this part I chose to forgo the celery. I’m not a huge fan of the texture.) You pour it all in a pan and then cover the mixture with the chips and cheese topping.

So to start, while I waited for my noodles to cook, I chopped up my peppers. I picked a couple of the bigger ones that Eric had been telling me needed to be picked.


Chrissy says to leave the seeds (all the extra heat is stored there) in if you’re feeling brave, and since Eric and I love spicy stuff, I took the dare. I’m so glad that I did. The hot kick is the best part.


By the time I was done chopping, the noodles were ready so I drained them. Next, I took a shortcut, and I actually combined all of our ingredients, minus the celery, in the pan itself. We only have one mixing bowl right now, and I needed to use that for the topping, but as you can see from the picture, everything turned out just fine anyway.


Yum, yum, yum! At this point, I was ready to dig in, but it actually gets better with the topping. The topping is a simple mixture of jalapeño chips and cheese. Chrissy says that she can’t stay away from the chips and now neither can I! Guys, if you like spicy things, you’ve got to try these!


When the casserole comes out of the oven it looks gooey and crisp (all at the same time!), and it’s simply perfection. Is there anything better than cheese and chips?


As I dished some up, I couldn’t help taking more pictures. It looks great on a plate with so many textures and colors.


It tastes so good too! This is my second time making it. It definitely turned out better looking this time, but it tasted deliciously both times.


I keep the leftover chips in the cupboard, and I will top off the leftovers with them to give each serving a fresh crunch (as long as I don’t eat them all first).

And there you have it! That’s my review of Chrissy’s recipe. It’s so easy and so yummy, if you love spicy food, you should definitely try it.

I’ve had Chrissy’s cookbook since it first came out, but I haven’t had too many opportunities to test some of the recipes out. The recipes I have tested out have all tasted wonderfully. And now, I’m going to get busy on testing more of them as I impatiently await her next cookbook (which she’s already working on!!!).