My Wedding Lipstick And How I Found My Perfect Color

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Hello everyone! I’m so glad to be back writing to you. Don’t get me wrong, my wedding and honeymoon were a blast, but if there was one thing I looked forward to after my wedding, it was getting back to my writing.

I owe you all an in-depth wedding post, but guys, I just got back and I am not organized enough for that right now. So instead, I’m going to talk about my wedding lipstick, plus you’ll get a sneak peek of my wedding photos.

For starters, you should know that early into planning my wedding (we had about a year and a half engagement) I decided I would do my own wedding makeup. In the wedding world this is apparently a controversial decision, but I did this because 1. I wanted good coverage, but I didn’t want my freckles to be covered and since I had a destination wedding there  couldn’t be a makeup trial. 2. I feel comfortable with makeup and have lots of experience. 3. I already buy lots of high quality, long-lasting makeup so I didn’t have to worry about buying a ton of new makeup.

As far as my decision goes, I was also nervous about a couple things: 1. I don’t wear lipstick all the time so I needed to spend some time finding the perfect lip color for my wedding day and 2. The darn false eyelashes.

Luckily, the lipstick came through, and I’ll do another post about my full wedding makeup in the future, but the false eyelashes were stressful.

So let’s dive into my lipstick journey:

About a month out from my wedding, I really wanted to start experimenting with finding the perfect color. I waited until that late in the game because my skin tone changes drastically in the summer once my freckles come into their full glory. One day, after a run with Eric, I had him drive me to Macy’s so I could try on some lip colors at the MAC counter.

I knew from spending countless hours on the web that I wanted a berry colored lip, but not too dark to fit perfectly with my mid-summer wedding. I also knew that although I love the matte look, I was something shiny for my wedding. So that’s where I started at the MAC counter. I ended up walking out with lip liner in Soar and a satin lipstick in Captive (technically a plum).

My face was a little rosy from my run still,  but I thought the color was just what I was looking for.


Later, I did a full trial of wedding makeup with split reviews from my family when I sent pictures. A couple of sisters thought the lipstick was too dark, a couple of my sisters and my mom thought it looked good.

After that, I started looking at more wedding makeup looks and watching wedding makeup videos. A lot of ladies were rocking nude lips so I decided to experiment a little with that so I headed to Ulta. After lots of help and testing out about fifteen colors, I walked out with two more lipsticks: a BARE MINERALS Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick in Heaven and an Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Sheer Liar.

I couldn’t decide which of these I liked better. I kept going back between the two. I tested the Bare Minerals first and I loved the color, but it seemed so light.


I’ve read so much on wedding makeup that I knew that you were supposed to wear a stronger color so that I would show up better in pictures (cameras take some of the color off apparently). This basically means that you need to find a color that will look good both in person and in pictures. I was convinced Heaven would show up well so I decided I’d wear Sheer Liar.


I also realized I wanted a little more shine so I ended up purchasing Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipgloss in Sunset Strip. When I was looking at all the colors, at first I thought Sunset Strip would be way too orange, but when I tested it out, it was perfect.

Heading into my wedding, I thought I had everything figured out. I’d wear my Soar lip liner with my Sheer Liar lipstick and my Sunset Strip lipgloss. However, that all changed the day of my wedding.

When the time came to start getting ready, I started on my makeup while the hairstylists did my bridesmaids’ hair (Southern Belle Beauty, they’re fabulous). Then, right before I put on my final makeup touches, it was my turn for hair. The hairstylist put in my flower crown when she finished and I went back to finish my makeup. It was time to do my lips and staring in the mirror at the purple flowers paired with the peach ones, I knew I needed to go with that original light berry. So I lined my lips, patted on the MAC Captive and finished my lips off with the gloss.

The finished product was perfect. It was a long journey, but in the end, I found the perfect fit, and surprisingly it was all in the flowers.


I learned a few things on my lipstick journey. 1. Inspiration pictures are great but lipstick looks different on each individual so sometimes you just have to experiment. 2. My lipstick didn’t just need to go with my skin tone and in the end, my flowers helped me make my final decision. 3. Doing your wedding makeup can be stressful so keep that in mind when making your decision (my decision was the right one for me).

PS- the amazing wedding photos are by Jessica Lee McIntosh ❤️

Wedding Dress Update


Ok everyone, here is my formal wedding dress update.

A few posts back, I talked about how a seamstress botched my wedding dress. I was a mess. I found a seamstress near my new home who could get me in, but couldn’t until this past Monday, which was exactly one week out from my wedding (I know, I’m getting married on a Monday and it’s weird).

I brought it into this new seamstress after teaching summer school. I was hot and tired, and I was so worried that things wouldn’t work out with my dress. My new seamstress, Cheryl, was the sweetest woman on earth. When I tried on the ill-fitting dress, she assured me that it was a beautiful dress and that I made a great choice (and let me tell you dress regret is real and that was lovely to hear).

Throughout the entire process Cheryl kept reminding me that she would get my dress fixed and that my wedding would be perfect. Oh boy, that afternoon I really needed to hear those things.

After an initial inspection, Cheryl said she knew she could undo the botched alterations. What a relief! Then even better, Cheryl said that after seeing what she would need to do that if I wanted I could hang around and she could finish up my dress and let me take it home that day. Of course I decided to stay.

Taking out the previous work was simple but delicate work. Cheryl worked carefully as I sat nearby watching Property Brothers. Once Cheryl finished, I tried back on my dress and we both came to the same conclusion: given the time constraint, the dress fit best as it sat now. There wasn’t much left to be done in the remaining time.

But Cheryl didn’t stop there. No, since the top now sits a little loosely, she gave me a bunch of double sided tape so that I can secure my dress if I feel the need. It was such a sweet gesture, something completely extra and unnecessary for her to do.

So in the end, my dress isn’t perfect, but it looks beautiful on me again and I’m happy with it (which is what matters). I’m so thankful for Cheryl’s sweet soul. She was just who I needed.

I ordered some more items to help secure the dress if necessary, but I’m not worried about it, and I think it sits nicely enough already.

And in case you were wondering about my dear groom’s wardrobe, I spent the night pressing his suit since he decided the best thing to do with it while moving was to stuff it in the trunk of his car. Oh, how I love his sweet, silly spirit (but come on, right?).

As the end of my wedding week closely approaches and I go into my wedding and honeymoon, my blog might be a little more absent, but I will be updating my instagram so feel free to go follow me @imannaphillips to stay up-to-date with all my wedding activities.

Why My Wedding Is Making Me Panic (It’s All About The Dress)


I hope you’re all enjoying your long weekend (if you get one). I’m still working today, but I’m really excited to have tomorrow to rest and relax. This weekend was a busy one for me. I moved on Saturday (once everything is unpacked, I’ll create a post dedicated to the new apartment), and then on Sunday, Eric and I drove to pick up my new dress.

Guys, I was already antsy about picking up my dress. I was hoping that after alterations it would fit me perfectly, like it’s supposed to. I was told that my dress would be ready to pick up July 1, but I scheduled an appointment to pick it up for July 2 since I was moving the day before. Anyway, on July 2, I showed up to the store, and the owner told me my dress wasn’t finished yet and asked if I could come back the following day. Then, because she knew I was out-of-state, she asked me to give her a couple hours to finish it.

I gave her the time and came back. I tried it on. It didn’t fit. And not in “I gained too much weight” didn’t fit. It was as in “I rushed and messed up your alterations” didn’t fit. My dress didn’t even need altered that much, but now it doesn’t sit on my body where it is supposed to. People I’m getting married in two weeks from today! So I did then what I should have done in the first place, I took my dress and left. I cried all the way to my parents’ home where we were eating supper. I was hysterical. I thought I was going to have to buy a new dress.

My mom and one of my sisters helped me back in the dress, pulled and tugged, and helped me to realized that the dress was still OK, and the fix should be relatively easy.

Luckily, I found a seamstress today who said (via phone) that she thinks she should easily be able to correct the problem in a day.

I think I’ll still be feeling panicky until the issue is resolved. The seamstress can’t get me in until this following Monday, and then I’ll only be one week out from my wedding.

So please send prayers and well wishes out for me as I wait to see how my dress debacle plays out!


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It’s crazy to think that in less than 30 days, my engagement will be over. I’m so excited to marry my fiance Eric, but it’s strange to think that after a year and a half, this stage in our lives will be over.

I’m a planner and I love organizing things so wedding planning is right up my alley. I jumped into it with a lot of enthusiasm and we quickly were ahead of the wedding planning game. Just a couple of months ago, Eric and I hardly had anything to do as far as wedding stuff goes, but now that we’re officially less than 30 days out, that all has changed. Now we have all of these nitty-gritty little details left to accomplish, things that I happily didn’t worry about before.

So as Eric and I finish out these final days of our engagement, I thought it most appropriate to round-up five of the most important things to do right before marriage.

1. Collect all those missing RSVPs.


Picking out my wedding stationary was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning. I now truly get the appeal of stationary in ways that I never did before. One of my least favorite parts of wedding planning is chasing down missing RSVPs. However, no matter how much I dislike it, it is a necessary part of the wedding process. You don’t want unaccounted for guests showing up at your wedding with no seats or no food. Technology makes it so easy today to reach out personally and gather up those final numbers.

2. Don’t Forget to Pick Out Your Music

Unfortunately, because of some communication issues, Eric and I had to find a new ceremony musician and reception DJ just in the last couple weeks. The last-minute change had me stressing, but I knew ultimately it was the right move because we needed to get going on music selections. Now Eric and I are spending countless hours trying to figure out what we want the processional song to be. We already have the bridal song and the recessional song chosen and we’re pretty happy about that!

3. Make a Wedding Day Timeline

You always hear all of these horror stories of brides showing up to their weddings an hour late. I don’t know about you, but I would not like waiting an extra hour as a guest, and I especially don’t intend to make my guests wait. Making a Day-of-Timeline is something I still need to do. In order to do so, I need to first talk to my photographer so I know what time she’ll be taking what photos. Then, I’ll talk to my beauty people and make sure they have the time they need. After that, it’ll be up to me to make sure everything gets where it needs to be and everyone shows up on time.

4. Make the Dreaded Seating Chart

One of the best things I did for my wedding was hire a calligrapher, Jenna at La Cartita. She is a creative genius and everything she makes is gorgeous. I cannot recommend her enough. So much of her work will appear at my wedding, and I commissioned her to make a mother’s day gift for my soon-to-be mother-in-law. Anyway, some of the things Jenna made for me were agate escort cards. I’m in love with them, but I still need to make a seating chart to go with them. It seems today that lots of people try to skip seating charts, but if you’ve ever been to a big event without one, you know things end up a mess. Making a seating chart is totally uncomfortable. You don’t want to offend anyone and you want to make everyone as comfortable as possible, and yet you know both those things are probably impossible to accomplish. But try anyway. It will actually make everything better in the long run.

5. Get Those Thank Yous and Tips Ready

I’m not even talking about the thank yous to all your loved ones (who most certainly deserve and should receive a thank you as well). I’m talking about thank yous and tips for all the people and teams who made your day the amazing thing that it was. People say that nobody cares about your wedding as much as you do, and that’s true but if you hire truly amazing people to help, they will do a magnificent job of making your day a truly memorable experience. And everyone deserves a thank you for that. I know my vendors sure do. They answer countless calls, are extra accommodating, and their flexibility is life-giving. It’s important to have those thank yous and tips ready to go so it’s one less thing to forget when it comes to your big day.


Ok, well that rounds up my list of 5 things to do before your wedding (and my first official post)!


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