I started blogging awhile ago, during my freshmen year of college. I learned a lot about writing, and mostly, I learned that I loved to write. From that first blog, I realized I needed to learn more about ways to make my writing seen and heard by others.

Since then, I have been published in a variety of places including Femsplain, The Light Leaks, Literally Darling, Hello Giggles, Thought Catalog, and Obvi We’re The Ladies. I’ve also had the opportunity to intern for some amazing places including The Budget Babe.

After graduating college, I’ve been lucky enough to help others gain their voices through writing. I love what I do, but I still want to share my voice. This blog is one of the ways I get to share my voice (if you have other ways you think I should share my voice, let’s connect over on my contact page).

Thank you for being here and reading along the way. I appreciate your time, your comments, and of course, the way that you bring my words into the world with you.