An Ode To Friends

This week marked my first week back in the school building and my first full week at my new job. My students don’t show up until this coming week, but it’s enough to say that there’s been a lot of change in my life lately. Good change, but change nevertheless. And as we all know, change can be stressful (some stress is good, but stress nonetheless).

I could go on about all the changes, but instead I want to focus on the things that have remained the same. These things have been my calms in the storm of life. They have helped me to recenter myself and to remain centered. These things are my friends.

Today, I have been messaging my childhood friend about life. We were talking jobs and perceptions, and I had to settle myself down. I basically said, “I don’t understand why people can’t admit that just about everyone works hard. It seems silly to think that you work harder than everyone else.” This was not meant toward my friend or anyone specifically (it’s not a subtweet y’all). It was just a generalized response in our conversation about work. My friend sweetly (paraphrased) replied, “People put too much stock in their jobs and find their identity there, which partly makes sense, but we need to balance our identities better.”

Yes ma’am.

Wow, what a reaffirming conversation.

It’s nice that at the end of a long and tiring (but ultimately wonderful) week, I have someone to talk to that I’ve known since I was five.

I’ve known this girl since kindergarten, and this summer she was in my wedding *cue the tears*. We did prom together. We did college apart, but we made sure we visited each other. She’s the only person I’ve ever imagined doing life with other than Eric, and I know that I’ll know her longer.


Anyway, friends make life better, even already awesome lives. And maybe we should take more stock in the relationships we build than in our jobs, just saying.


PS – I’m really excited about my new job. Technically, it’s the same job title I’ve had before, but it’s in a new place with new people, and I’m so excited to build some new relationships with these incredibly awesome humans.


sign off

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