A Face Cream That Actually Does What It Says


OK, ya’ll, my wedding is quickly approaching and I’m so excited. I’m also a complete basket of nerves about getting everything done on time (Oh my gosh, why haven’t I finished the petal cones yet?!). And my skin, unsurprisingly has been acting up a little.

I’m lucky that my skin is typically pretty easy to take care of. I rarely get acne, but my skin does react when I skip washing my face. My skin and I have a delicate routine. We don’t mess with it and it behaves. However, between stress, hormones, and everything else, my skin is having a bad go of it, and I just want it all sorted before the big day. That means I’ve been putting my face through skin boot camp.

I’ve been using my best products. That moisturizer that’s OK, but leaves me a little dry? Not finishing it off until after the wedding! I’ve been digging through moving boxes to find my best masks. I’m not wearing makeup to give my pores a break. I’m using serums every morning and night! I’m here to tell you that my skin will be clear and glowing if I have any say in the matter (but unfortunately I probably don’t have much of a say).

During searches through my boxes, I’ve also been digging for all my best samples. When I pulled out this one, I became fervently happy. I love Dior’s makeup and skincare products. I was going to wear Dior foundation for my wedding, but discovered it has SPF, which doesn’t mix with wedding photography. So I found some other foundation.

But, guyyysss, I found this sample of face cream, and I’m in love. I finally broke it open this morning and it’s truly wonderful.

Let’s go through the basics:

What is it? Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Creme

What does it do? Well, it’s age-defying (and it’s never too early to start fighting those wrinkles, right?). It firms your skin by adding density. It also plumps, smooths, and illuminates.

How do you use it? The package said you could use it by itself or after your daily skincare routine.

My experience? I wasn’t going to abandon the rest of my skincare routine just for this product, and figured it would work better if I also went through the rest of my process. So I started by washing my face. Then I applied my serum, and then I applied my moisturizer. Finally, I got to the Dior face cream.

I tore open the package and squeezed. I think I was expecting the product to be white, like a moisturizer, but it’s actually a nude color, like a primer. It also has the consistency of a primer. It went on super easily and I didn’t notice a strong smell. The smell was light and lovely.

As the day has continued. I keep wanting to touch my face because my skin is soft and smooth. It’s been one day and I can already see and feel the effects.

I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with Dior, and after sampling this product I feel like I’ve got to get my hands on more. The only downside? The price. It retails at $165.

Other reviewers (via Sephora) seem to agree with me. The product is great. The price is scary. And some say the full-size packaging doesn’t match the quality of the product.

Will I buy it? Yes, probably in the future. But first, I’m interested in this eye cream from the same line of Dior. I’d definitely want a sample first as it still retails at $105, but I’ve been looking for a good eye cream because this girl has wrinkles, dark circles, and puffy big eyes.

If you’ve got any skincare suggestions, especially eye creams please let me know!

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