Why My Wedding Is Making Me Panic (It’s All About The Dress)


I hope you’re all enjoying your long weekend (if you get one). I’m still working today, but I’m really excited to have tomorrow to rest and relax. This weekend was a busy one for me. I moved on Saturday (once everything is unpacked, I’ll create a post dedicated to the new apartment), and then on Sunday, Eric and I drove to pick up my new dress.

Guys, I was already antsy about picking up my dress. I was hoping that after alterations it would fit me perfectly, like it’s supposed to. I was told that my dress would be ready to pick up July 1, but I scheduled an appointment to pick it up for July 2 since I was moving the day before. Anyway, on July 2, I showed up to the store, and the owner told me my dress wasn’t finished yet and asked if I could come back the following day. Then, because she knew I was out-of-state, she asked me to give her a couple hours to finish it.

I gave her the time and came back. I tried it on. It didn’t fit. And not in “I gained too much weight” didn’t fit. It was as in “I rushed and messed up your alterations” didn’t fit. My dress didn’t even need altered that much, but now it doesn’t sit on my body where it is supposed to. People I’m getting married in two weeks from today! So I did then what I should have done in the first place, I took my dress and left. I cried all the way to my parents’ home where we were eating supper. I was hysterical. I thought I was going to have to buy a new dress.

My mom and one of my sisters helped me back in the dress, pulled and tugged, and helped me to realized that the dress was still OK, and the fix should be relatively easy.

Luckily, I found a seamstress today who said (via phone) that she thinks she should easily be able to correct the problem in a day.

I think I’ll still be feeling panicky until the issue is resolved. The seamstress can’t get me in until this following Monday, and then I’ll only be one week out from my wedding.

So please send prayers and well wishes out for me as I wait to see how my dress debacle plays out!


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6 thoughts on “Why My Wedding Is Making Me Panic (It’s All About The Dress)

      1. You’re very welcome! It sounds stupid, but even reading posts like this makes me super excited for when I get married haha! Let us know when you get the dress and how it went! Can’t wait to see your wedding post 😍

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